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Everyday Medicine is you
Welcome My name is Stacy Torres I have created a healing and libratory space for queer, differently abled, Black Indigenous, People of color to Remember ourselves. Healing happens in connection, as we make sense of the impacts of historical traumas and systemic oppressions. My role is to help you reclaim your greatness and live a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Choose a service to schedule

Somatic Session

Introduction Consultation - *Not Currently Available*

Our first session is designed as an introduction to my practice. We will go over what a somatic approach to healing work looks and feels like. I will ask questions about what you are seeking, and how things in your life are going.In turn, you will have a chance to ask me whatever questions you have for me. I will provide an overview about what our work together would look like.
We will decide if we are a good fit to work together.
60 min session - $150
In a standard session we will talk, practice, and /or do bodywork. Please wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement. I often like to access shins and forearms during bodywork.
90 min session - $200
90 minute sessions are encouraged for clients who come infrequently and bodywork sessions
Group Session

Community Response

Community Session
In response to the impact that the election has had in community. I am offering some community/ individual session at a pay as you can scale.
I am offering to hold space to process the physical, spiritual and emotional implications of the inherent racism, misogamy, homo and transphobia, xenophobia of this 2017 election. I am honored to develop safety plans with small groups and individuals. Strategize towards what's next, and or offer bodywork. come see me stay well y'all we got a lotta wokl to do.

Transformative Justice

Safety Planning
Access Planning
Community Accountability Consultation
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